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Overseas shopping is more and more simple and convenient.

We support worldwide shipping, almost all countries can arrive, when shipped,will have a tracking number can timely follow the parcel status.

Please first tell us what you need and your address, then we can confirm if there has dealer for you, if has, you can get from the dealer, if not, we can ship to you directly.

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We know that most people concern about rim brake, worry heat deformation problem, after test and test, we use thermal conductivity nano materials Graphene on the rim surface, almost can slove the problem, but we never stop develop new brake tech.

The newest brake tech is texture brake surface (TBS), it is one piece moulding, no painting on brake surface, it would has better brake effect, smaller brake sounds.

Now model 520-C1, 451-C1, 451-C2 and 349-C1 have upgraded to TBS brake tech, the other carbon rims will upgrade soon.

Thanks a lot for you to choose SMC Bike, we are try to be your most trusted friends.

We are the first company offer carbon rim and wheel Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Warranty is carbon rim's lifetime Warranty, we suggested 10 years.

So it means that SMC carbon rims and wheels have 10 years warranty, when most manufacturers offer 1 year warranty.

But there is a limited, if the carbon rim and wheel use for race use, bmx and bmx race use, we offer 2 years warranty.

If you will use our carbon rims and wheels for race, bmx and bmx race, please tell us before your order, because racing use we have different models.


To ensure that our products could performs properly use, and you could enjoy your riding experience with our products, also to ensure that there is not any possible future conflicts among SMC and you, we urge you to read our Warranty Regulations first.

Normal Important Attentions:
1. Make sure that the hub axle, frame and fork dropouts, and quick release are clean and/
or without any apparent defects
2. Make sure that you understand well about how the quick release to help secure your
wheels into the frame kit.
3. Every time before you ride your bike, please make sure that the braking surface of the
wheel and the dropouts are clean, the braking pads and the quick release are workable,
and the wheels are installed properly, and are secure.
4. Improper pads used onto the carbon rims could generate excessively high braking
temperatures which would result to a rim wear and/or failure which can lead to serious
injury and/or death.
5. Use only carbon use brake pads for carbon rims and wheels. You can't use ceramic specific pads
on carbon rims, and you can't use alloy specific pads on carbon rims either.
6. We recommend you use the brake pads included in the rims and wheels by SMC or SwissStop brake pads.
7. Improper brake pads on SMC rims and wheels which cause rims and wheels failure will be void from
the SMC warranty policy.
8. Be careful in using carbon wheels in rainy and/or wet conditions. Because carbon
wheels will slip easily in rainy and/or wet conditions when you brakes
9. When you are riding carbon wheels in high-speed descending, make sure there is no
any potential big dangerous, because sudden hard long-way braking is easy to lead to
failure for carbon wheels, especially carbon clincher wheels.

For clincher wheels:
• Use high pressure rim tape, otherwise you may get punctures and the tire can come off
which can lead to injuries in the event of a crash.
• only carbon use brake pads are recommended for brake use on this rim
• make sure the brake pads on the brake track of the rims
• Before using your bike, check to make sure the brake pads and rim surface are clean to
insure better stopping and to protect your rims from damage
•Maximum recommended tyre inflation pressure for Clincher: 125psi

For tubular wheels:
• Make sure the tyre is installed well and centered onto the rims
• Only carbon use brake pads are recommended for brake use on this rim
• Make sure the brake pads on the brake track of the rims
• Before using your bike, check to make sure the brake pads and rim surface are clean to
insure better stopping and to protect your rims from damage
•Maximum recommended tyre inflation pressure for Tubular: 160psi.

Replacing spokes:
•Maximum recommended spoke tension is 185kgf


Limited warranty:
We warrant our wheel sets to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years
after the original date of purchase.
Any quality issues occurs within 1 year, SMC is obligated to replace free
necessary components and first time warranty free shipping cost,
start from second time warranty shipping costs paid by customers.
Any quality issues occurs within 2-10 years for rims/wheels/components,
SMC is obligated to replace free necessary components, shipping costs paid by
In case of bad luck of accidents cause damage or failure within the warranty time,
SMC is willing to replace necessary components at half price, shipping costs
paid by customers.

However, the warranty does not cover:
• Normal wear and tear for braking surface, braking pads, bearings and pawls in the hub
• Improper assembly or follow-up maintenance or maintenance by an unauthorized
• Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or compatible with, the
wheels as sold
• Damage or failures caused by a crash, impact,abuse of the product, non-compliance
with manufactures specifications of usage or any other fractious reasons.
• when the serial number or production code has been deliberately altered, defaced or removed

• if you find a manufacturing defects in the rims of the wheels you ordered,
we are responsible to send you new rims, extra spokes and nipples for re-assembly
• Usually, we send extra spokes for customers, so you could repair in case of a bad luck of
spoke problems
• the warranty is only effective to original owner, and is not transferable
• only use the brake pads supplied with the original sellers

How to make a claim:
• send clear pictures of the position with problem.
• send all above information to our sales, and our sales will forward to our engineers,give reply in 3 work days
• for manufacturing defects, we will send new rims and extra spokes and nipples for re-assembly.

• For any replacement or repairs beyond the warranty period, extra component costs and shipping cost will be collected.

Any more questions, pls feel free to contact us.

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